Who.is Doruk Gezici?

A 21 years old student who loves coding and playing guitar. Studying Computer Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. But currently I am in Finland/Tampere University of Technology as an exchange student!

Last year, I was IoT Line Fair '17 Coordinator at ITU IEEE - EESTEC LC Istanbul, organising an event (Conference, Fair, Contest, 1.5k registered participant) about Internet of Things with a team of 15 students. This year, I went a little bit more technical/practical and became IT Coordinator.

I had always been drawn to the idea of technology, programming and entrepreneurship. And since I got the chance to start learning, I have been constantly trying to improve myself in every aspect.

My Skills

  • 95% Python/Django | Back-End Web App Development
  • 90% Swift | iOS Mobile App Development
  • 85% Linux | SysAdmin (Server Management)
  • 85% Python + C++ | Software Development
  • 75% HTML + CSS + WordPress | Front-End Web Development
  • 65% Arduino + Raspberry Pi | IoT Maker
  • 10% Unity + C# | Game Development

Welcome to DGtech!

Here at DGtech, I share about my journey of becoming a full-stack developer & entrepreneur and some projects along the way.

Also check out my music page, I hope you’ll like some of my home-made recordings => DGmusic